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May 2020    Bennett Trim Tabs now at Tenob!

Bennett are the world’s premier manufacturer of trim tabs. They have over 60 years of reliability and performance that built their reputation.

Tenob Wholesale Marine are fast approaching their 50th anniversary so it seemed a great fit to have two firms of their stature working together. Tenob are now distributors of the full range of Bennett products.

While most know Bennett for their hydraulic tabs, it is electric rams that have dominated the trailer boat and small launch market in recent years. Bennett have a fabulous range of electric tabs called BOLT. You will love the ease of installation and their reliability.

The BOLT range includes edge mount tabs which you will appreciate if space above the ram is limited. Their lower profile makes it possible to fit tabs to craft with portafino sterns or other obstructions.

The Bennett range also includes two control options, one of which includes tab retractors.

Tenob will stock a range of the most popular Bennett electric and hydraulic tabs while any other model from their range will be available to order.

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May 2019    Flo n' Go Storage Tank

How often have you wished you had more fuel onsite or an easy way to top up the boat/mower/jetski/chainsaw/motorbike/quad bike or any other item that needs refilling?


The Flo n' Go 53 litre tank is the answer! The possibilities are endless - buy your fuel on the 10c off days rather than wait for an empty tank. For those in Auckland fill it up south of the Bombays and save even more dollars!

This tank has wheels as well as the familiar Flo n' Go pump nozzle.


It is available to order from Tenob dealers now with stock arriving in June.

Flo n Go


March 2019   Quick Big Boat Winches

Quick winches have won a large part of the NZ trailer boat winch market with models such as the Quick Genius and Mini Genius being widely lauded by both the retail and OEM sectors.


So successful have Tenob been with this part of the market that it’s easy to forget that Quick also have a substantial share of the moored boat winch installations as well. The Quick range is extensive with products that suit all types of craft but it is in the launch and light commercial sector where most Quick products will be found.


The three most popular models are –


Quick Aleph – a vertical hands-free winch with a below-deck motor and manual free-fall. An optional rope drum is available. The 1000w model takes 8mm chain and suits boats from 10-13 metres. The 1500w version takes 10mm chain and will suit boats 12-15 metres. Available in 12v and 24v.

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Quick Hector – a powerful above-deck winch with a wide range of configurations. It can be supplied with just the rope/chain gypsy or have a rope drum fitted to either side. It has a manual free-fall system. There are 12v and 24v options. The 1000w model suits boats from 10-13m while the 1500w version suits craft of 12-15m. A 700w version is available as a special order.

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Prince DP2 & DP3 – The DP2 and heavier DP3 represent superb value for money with their stainless-steel cover plate, Hi Tech plastic base and IP67 watertight motor. Designed to power in and out, they are vertical winches with a combined rope/chain gypsy and below-deck motor. There is an integrated sensor and magnet for a chain counter. The DP2 500w suits boats from 6-9 metres, the 1000w DP2 handles craft from 10-13 metres, while 1500w DP3 with suit boats from 12-15 metres. There are 12v and 24v options and also an optional rope drum.

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Many models can be found on the Tenob website For further information on other models in the range please contact your nearest Tenob dealer.

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January 2019   Moeller Bow Fuel Tank


Finding ways to handle fuel storage aboard small boats can be difficult, with so many items demanding space. Moeller recognised the problem then designed this clever bow tank, built to fit forward on most small boats. The tank is strongly built, in keeping with the Moeller reputation for superb fuel tanks, holds 22.7 litres and includes a gauge. It is ideal for many boat types, including inflatables, alloy dinghies, small fibreglass craft and yachts carrying an outboard for auxiliary propulsion. It also helps to shift weight forward, which can make a huge, positive difference to the trim of small craft carrying just one person.

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December 2018   StopGull does What it Says!

The scourge of defaecating seabirds has plagued mariners forever. There are some pretty ineffectual and often downright ugly options used to keep the birds off the decks of the boat.


StopGull is not one of those! The standard StopGull is a 1.8 metre rotating device that is designed to keep those annoying birds away. There are other versions, including the StopGull Air XL and the ultimate solution, the 7m StopGull Falcon!


Equally importantly, StopGull is a system and Tenob have a complete range of mounts and accessories available to suit nearly any possible situation. That even includes inflatable boats.


Most of the range can be found on the Tenob website with technical information available at

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June 2018    Quick Bow Thruster Kits


Bow thrusters are becoming an important and integral component for boats of all sizes. The ability to move on or off a tight mooring position, to aid maneuverability of a single-engine craft or even to increase control of the boat while chasing down gamefish in reverse, make bow thruster indispensable. Bow thrusters will improve your control and add value to your investment.


Quick bow thrusters have gained a reputation for reliability and performance. Their extensive range of thruster sizes, plus Quick installation accessories, means there are few limits to installing them into any craft.


That flexibility is particularly important when retrofitting to existing boats.


To make it even easier Tenob have created Quick bow thruster kits. Now you have a complete solution that includes the tube and control panel.


Information on the kits can be found on the Tenob website while further details and specifications can be found in the Tenob Technical Catalogue at


Please contact us for any additional information or custom solutions.

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January 2018    Tenob to Distribute World-renowned
                       Springfield Seating 

The latest agency acquired by Tenob Wholesale Marine is a household name. Springfield manufacture seating and pedestals that can be found aboard almost any of the biggest names in boat building found anywhere in the world. Their quality and range is legendary and they build products for the smallest of craft through to seating used aboard passenger ferries and superyachts.

Tenob will be stocking all their most popular lines with the full range available to special order. NZ boatbuilders no longer have to settle for a seating solution that will only just do - now there will be a seat to enhance the look and performance of every boat they build.

Contact us for further information if the seat you need isn't on this website.


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September 2017   Bigger and Better! Tenob Moves to
                           New Premises - but Not Far!

Tenob Wholesale Marine has continued its sustained growth under the new ownership of Danny and Taniya Bassi, and that has meant that new premises were needed to accommodate the growth and new agencies. Fortunately the new premises are just around the corner from their previous base!

The new home of Tenob is at 241 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki, and there is much more space to accommodate the combined range from Tenob and that previously distributed by Marine Direct Ltd.

The phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.


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July 2016    Quick LED Lighting – the Range Grows Further!


Quick are world leaders in marine and RV lighting; you need only check their range of exceptional LED lights to see that. The company produces more than 200 variations across a wide range of styles. The options include downlights, surface mount, wall mount and courtesy lights. There are also underwater, strip, retractable and reading lights. In fact, Quick have a light for nearly every purpose.


There is a range of dimmers to match the lights as well as an RGB strip option. Many of the lights are bi-colour, giving general illumination plus either red or blue courtesy lighting, all in one unit. Most have the option of being supplied with either of two LED colours; warm white or daylight white.


But there is even more to the Quick range!


Apart from powerful underwater and other specific-purpose lights, there are also some very clever designs; from the simple Eyelid, an easy to install courtesy light that requires no large holes for installation, to the Dress-up which is a lighting bar for wardrobes that you can hang your clothes on!


Perhaps most special of all is the Secret Light which is a 360-degree vertical light that retracts back into a horizontal surface, completely protecting it and hiding it from view.

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July 2016   Quick Marine Light Dimmer


Over the last two years the change in marine and RV lighting has been dramatic; LED now rules and what was recently very expensive and low in performance is now mainstream and very affordable.


Quick Marine has been at the forefront of those changes and the company provides a complete solution not just a few basic lights.

Part of that lighting solution is the ability to control those lights.


Quick have a very competent and high-performance solution by using their new ZDIM100 lighting dimmer.


Compact and efficient, it can handle an input from 10-30 volts and an output load of 50 watts for 12 volt lights or 100 watts for 24 volts.

The unit gives the lights a soft start and has a memory function so that the lights return to the last level used.

At just 80mm x 75mm x 30mm it is also very compact and easy to install.




June 2014      New Owners for Tenob Wholesale Marine

Tenob Wholesale Marine was founded in 1973 and the company has long been regarded as a reputable distributor of marine products. One of the company’s greatest claims to fame is the widely-acclaimed Tenob rise and fall bracket. The bracket is now available in several models and is distributed around the world. Since 1990 Tenob has grown exponentially through strong management and good acquisitions, including the purchase of plastics manufacturer ECL Products.

In 2014 Danny Bassi, one of the founding directors of long-established and highly regarded marine distributor, Marine Direct Ltd. purchased 100% of that company and became the managing director. Soon after, he astounded the local market by purchasing the even longer established Tenob Wholesale Marine.

The joint entity continues to trade as Tenob Wholesale Marine. Bassi has retained every one of the staff from both companies, and has already increased distribution due to the economy of scale and the extra opportunities now afforded those suppliers already enjoying an established relationship..

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