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CM82i with 0.6L reversing pump


CM82i with 0.6L reversing pump

The CM82i suits boats to 10m and also runs without a rudder reference unit. It has a more traditional and larger display. The 82i is available in versions to suit power steering / Verado outboard installations. 
 This pilot is so easy to install because it doesn’t use a rudder reference unit! It also has a gauge-style display. Steering accuracy and performance are maintained by the rate gyro compass. The pilot has some very clever intelligence designed into the system to handle sea state and boat speed calculations. 

The 95AC looks the same as the CM82i but suits boats to 40m and is a traditional design with rudder reference. It is a simple unit to set up and use. 
At the top of the recreational range is the CM950AC-HD. We doubt there is an easier autopilot to operate. The big rugged course knob is easily used even when wearing gloves. The key features, including pilot, standby and navigate controls, have clearly marked and separate buttons. 

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