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StopGull Falcon
NZ $258.50


StopGull Falcon

StopGull Falcon 7m telescopic pole
StopGull Falcon for megayachts and Marina Facilities

Ref:3030015 - Telescopic pole of 7 mts.

Ref:3030016 - Telescopic pole of 5 mts

Ref:3030017 - Spare part.

The StopGull Falcon is designed to keep away shorebirds of the mega-yachts and marinas installations. It starts work with only a slight breeze, which allows that the StopGull Falcon performs chopped flights up to 10mts to 12mts. casting its silhouette's shadow to long distances.  Its deterrent effect is instantaneous and permanent.

It’s made of aeronautical fabric of high strength. The device comes equipped with a telescopic mast of 5 or 7mts (196,85’’ or 275,91’’) high and an invisible rope.