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Macs Ultrafilm. 4 litre
NZ $153.88


Macs Ultrafilm. 4 litre

MACS Ultrafilm will protect your engine with a film of corrosion inhibitor.
Will also lubricate moving parts, seals and water pumps.
Use for long term storage or winterising of your engine.

MACS Ultrafilm can be applied to external surfaces with a spray applicator.

Use the MACS Flush Injector Device  (our code FL310) to accurately measure the volume of Ultrafilm and follow the simple to use instructions for best results.

The MACS range of engine flushing and rinsing water additives are designed to remove internal and external salt residues and include an inhibiting system consisting of all naturally occurring, biodegradable materials, friendly to our environment. UN1950 –Class 2.1.