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EMER-GEL Rust Remover. 1 litre
NZ $77.33


EMER-GEL Rust Remover. 1 litre

NZ made by Henkel NZ Ltd, the German Loctite company.

The Grunt range of multi-application cleaning and polishing products includes the non-toxic (it contains mild acids) Emer-Gel rust, stain and stainless steel oxidation remover, Klenashine oxidation remover and restorer and the Supawax gelcoat and lacquer finishes polish. Use this 3-stage product range as the total solution for restoring and maintaining your vessel or vehicle to its original pristine condition.

Emer-Gel is produced in the form of a clear gel paste. Can be applied to surfaces of any angle. Does not run or drip, unlike liquid products.

Apply by brush or cloth to the rusty or stained surface and leave for 5 to 15 min (depending on substrate etc). Hose off thoroughly with fresh water or wipe off with a wet cloth or sponge.

Can be applied to:
most metals
two-pot paints
sail cloth and fabrics

Should not be used on aluminium.

Removes heavy weathering, oxidation and other stains from gel-coat, enamel and lacquer surfaces. Rust stains from stainless steel, BBQs, household appliances, bath tubs, wash basins and fabrics.

Emer-Gel will penetrate light grease and oil films.

Cautions: The use of protective gloves is advised. Avoid skin contact. Read the instructions on the pack before use.