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Battery Charger 60AMP 12V 3 outputs
NZ $1,079.69


Battery Charger 60AMP 12V 3 outputs

These Quick three stage battery chargers are compact and simple to connect. They also boast high efficiency (up to 92%) and low power consumption, meaning lower heat emission giving greater system reliability.
Key features include -
3 outputs to support additional groups of batteries. (Two outputs for the 140)
Charging regimes for liquid electrolite (open or sealed), gel, AGM or Optima® batteries.
Full charging capacity even with low AC mains voltage.
Low residual ripple on output.
Universal AC supply input
Variable speed cooling fan.
Compatibility with generators.
Short circuit, overloading, output overvoltage and overheating protection.
Ability to work in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
12v and 24v models available, with outputs up to 100A (24v) and 80A (12v).
Remote monitoring also available.