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55HP or 113Kg Electric Trim & Tilt Bracket
NZ $1,810.86


55HP or 113Kg Electric Trim & Tilt Bracket

US made by Panther.
It will hold 2 and 4 stroke motors 15hp to 55hp and 113kg (250lb) in weight.
Eliminate the hassle and back strain of manually lifting heavy outboards not fitted with factory tilt.
Controlled by push button remote attached to 12ft of flexi-cable.
Trimming possible while under power.
Brackets can also trim motors (up to 5 degrees tuck) for improved performance.
1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Weight 10.4kg (22lb).

Installation:  For use in salt water an anode (our part number OU401) should be fitted to protect the black finish.