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Fuel Tank Level Sender & Electric Gauge Combo


Fuel Tank Level Sender & Electric Gauge Combo

Moeller. USA made.
Universal electric sending unit.

Industry standard - calibrated to 33 ~ 240 ohms. 
For tank depths 100mm (4") to 685mm (27").
Swing arm rotates in 90 degee increments for tank wall or baffle clearance.
Dash mounting gauge.
Comes complete with 5 hole gasket and mounting screws.
5 screw fixing on 2.1/8" (54mm) centres.

Suitable for petrol (& diesel if separate return line is available) only (not water).
Note: sender ground terminal is electrically connected to tank.

(Note: gauge not recommended for personal watercraft [PWC].
(Sender only available, our code IN1725)

Wiring the gauge: Rear view of gauge. 
Left terminal (S) to sender screw terminal.
Middle terminal (G) to ground (battery negative).
Right terminal (I) to ignition (battery 12V positive)