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Fuel Tank Sender Only. Euro. Reed array type
NZ $105.84


Fuel Tank Sender Only. Euro. Reed array type

Scepter brand. USA made.
Life time manufacturer's warranty.
Individually tested for accurate calibrated readings.
Reliable reed switch array sending unit.
Will not rust or corrode (internal or external to the tank).
Stainless steel and plastic construction.

European industry standard - calibrated to 10 ~ 180 ohms. 
Adjusts easily to fit a range of tank depths.

Suitable for petrol, ethanol and grey water (also diesel & bio diesel if separate return line is available).  Do not use for potable water.

For tank depths 200mm (8") to 610mm (24").
Comes complete with 5 hole gasket and mounting screws.
5 screw fixing on 2.1/8" (54mm) centres.
For installation the following tools are required: tape measure, bladed (or 5/16" hex head socket) screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, small hacksaw and electrical wire connecting tools.

Note: unit is electrically isolated from tank.

SAE 5 bolt pattern
Tank requires a 1.3/8" dia hole.
5 screw fixing on 2.1/8" (54mm) centres.