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2" Rodholder Insert

TENOB product. NZ made with pride. Nylon. These inserts or bushes will protect your fishing rods from rubbing against the tube edge and they also enhance the "look" of the rod holder.
For imperial sized stainless steel (and thin wall aluminium) tube. 
Fits 2" (50.8mm) outside diameter tube, max. wall thickness 1.5mm (minimum I.D. 1.7/8" [47.7mm]).

Colour: Black.

Installation: The insert has a groove underneath into which the tube is pressed. Rest a block of wood (or similar) on insert and tap insert down onto tube with a hammer  (note: it may be necessary to pre-warm insert in winter).

Important note: Not suitable for 50mm (metric) tube.  Refer RC11 instead.

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