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Floscan Flonet NMEA 2000 Series
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Floscan Flonet NMEA 2000 Series

Please e mail us with engine model number and horsepower so that we can specify a suitable system

The FloNET® Diesel Series is designed to interface with a NMEA 2000 network.  The FloNET Interface hub takes current fuel rate values and broadcasts it to the network via PGN 65280 (FloScan Fuel Rate) and PGN 65281 (FloScan Fuel Total).  The data is also broadcast simultaneously under PGN 127489 (Engine Parameters Dynamic) and PGN 127497 (Engine Trip Parameters).

Marine electronics manufacturers can now incorporate FloScan fuel flow information as part of their product offering.  Garmin, Lowrance, Maretron and Krill Systems are a few of the manufacturers that offer immediate product compatibility.  Data that can be displayed by these manufacturers may include:

  • Gallons/Liters per hour
  • Gallons/Liters consumed
  • Gallons/Liters remaining
  • Nautical miles per gallon / Liters per nautical mile
  • Distance to empty 

    Fits virtually all marine diesel engines rated from 25 hp - 6000 hp. Models available for single or twin engine applications.

    FloNET Hub Installation
    Connects to the NMEA 2000 trunk line via DeviceNET® cabling and connectors. Power and ground requirements supplied via trunk line connection.

    Flow Sensor Installation
    Engine details (make / model / hp rating) will determine whether the Standard Flow or High Flow Sensor System is used. Flow sensors connect directly to the FloNET interface hub. Power and ground requirements supplied via trunk line connection.

    NMEA 2000 Specifications
    Parameter Group Numbers - 65280 / 65281 / 127489 & 127497
    FloScan Manufacturer Code - 192
    FloScan Product Code - 5872

    NMEA 2000 Compatible Products

    FloScan has teamed up with top marine equipment manufacturers to bring you fuel flow data on a variety of displays that you already own or plan to purchase.

    · Garmin........................ 4200 Series and 5200 Series, GMI 20 Series

    · Lowrance...................... LCX Series and HDS Series

    · Maretron...................... DSM 200 Series and DSM 250 Series

    · Nobeltec

    · Krill Systems