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Moeller 23 Litre Fuel Tank With Gauge


Moeller 23 Litre Fuel Tank With Gauge

US made.
Constructed from thick-walled polyethylene, they are up to 30% heavier than competitor's.
Detailed engineering and robust construction set them apart from inferior brands.
Constructed from seamless plastic.
360 degree rotating fuel withdrawal.
Fuel reserve area built in.
Fuel level sight gauge with glass lens for clarity.
Screw vented cap.
Large comfortable carry handle.

This tank was originally made by Tempo and called model Ultra 6.

23 litres (5 Imperial gal/6 US gal) capacity.

533.40mmL x 342.90mmW x 215.90mmH


Size and shape is suitable for most NZ made boats

(Replacement cap code FU96T).