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Scepter 45 Litre Fuel Tank - Low Version
NZ $234.59


Scepter 45 Litre Fuel Tank - Low Version

Top quality Canadian made.
Heavy duty for durability and puncture resistance.
Made to strict strength, durability, & quality standards.
Meets E10 blended ethanol fuel requirements. Also suitable for diesel engines not requiring a fuel return connection.
45 litres (10 Imperial gal/12 US gal) capacity.
617 long x 460 wide x 273 mm high includes cap or 250mm excluding cap & pick up.

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From the very beginning, Scepter has played the leading role in converting the marine industry from traditional metal to HD Polyethylene remote outboard fuel tanks. The result was a safer, more durable and reliable product. Today, Scepter produces marine tanks approved for use around the world for leading manufacturers of outboard motors. Scepter's marine tanks meet numerous international standards, certifications and approvals including UL, CSA, ISO, Standards Australia, Standards New Zealand, JCI, IMCI and others.
Note: there is no international standard applicable to tanks of this size.

Scepter Hallmarks - Performance - Reliability - Strength - giving you a safer boating experience

(Replacement cap code FU96).