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LED Interior Light 9-28V, 2.6 W
NZ $79.58


LED Interior Light 9-28V, 2.6 W

  • LED Interior Light 9-28V, Higher output of 2.6W
  • Built-in ON-OFF switch
  • Unique stylish wave shape enclosure design
  • Easy-to-install bayonet latch design
  • Matt lens surface allowing soft and smooth light output
  • Low power consumption high efficiency SMD LEDs
  • Shock and vibration proof sold-state electronics
  • Completely sealed to IP66 rating
  • Adjustable light angle

  • Lighting Source | Six SMD LEDs
  • Colour Temperature | 3300-3600K (Warm White)
  • Power Consumption | 2.6W 
  • Housing matt silver colour finish.
  • Dimensions: 96mm dia x 26.5mm deep
  • Angle adjustment +- 20 degrees (single axis)
  • Mounting: 3 stainless steel screws included.  120 degrees apart  on 75mm diameter circle
  • IP66 Certified.  Resin encapsulated electronic circuitry
  • Certified
  • Applications: boat cabins and cockpits, motor homes, mobile homes, caravans, sheds etc