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QCC-LCS TP Colour light control device
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QCC-LCS TP Colour light control device

QCC-LCS TS 4.3'' DMX 1P Control device for RGBW lighting systems - Touch

DMX control device

Recessed installation with 503 flush box

Customized configuration

The display controls QCC-LCS TS can be connected among them in order to be in constant communication.

Every room with a QCC control system installed can be reached by any control station


QCC-LCS TS - 4,3”

Alimentazione / Power Supply 10 - 30 Vdc
Corrente assorbita / Absorption 30 mA

Segnale di comando DMX

DMX command signal

Grado Protezione IP / IP grade IP20
Montaggio / Installation Scatola 503 / 503 flush box