Drink Holder, Rigid, Plastic. BECKSON

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These rigid drink holders from Beckson can be installed almost anywhere there is a flat surface.
Manufactured with a generous cavity under the flange for caulking, allowing installation without fasteners.
There are moulded-in stand-offs on the bottom of both models to help prevent condensation build-up and keep containers from sticking to the bottom, with four generous holes that allow for drainage at different angles. Beckson Super Size holders will restrain large bottles and cans with foam insulation, plus cans or glasses alone.
GH33 Standard Series.
Internal diameter – 68mm.
Width of flange – 89mm.
Cup depth – 73mm.
Mounting hole size – 76mm.
GH43 Super Size Series.
Internal diameter – 95mm.
Width of flange – 110mm.
Cup depth – 85mm.
Mounting hole size – 98mm.