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Beerocket by MateSeries solves the problem of too many holes in the boat by combining a rod holder and drink holder in one clever item that requires just a single mounting hole!
Not only does that save making permanent modifications to the boat but it also saves a heap of time and cost during fitout.
There are multiple Beerocket options, meaning there will be something to suit your needs.
The stainless steel models are available in round or oval top, with options of 15 degrees, 30 degrees or straight. The same three angles are available with the plastic round top models. Additionally, there is an oval top plastic holder at 30 degrees, plus a second 30 degree option (ROCH11) that has a sealed base and comes as a kit with gasket and rivets. It is ideal for kayaks and other small craft. 
You can personalise your round top MateSeries installation by fitting an LED bezel underneath it. These RGB units have a potential 16 million colours and will add another level of sophistication and class to your boat.
Beerocket by MateSeries holders are strong, reliable and mean less crying over spilled drinks!