Bailer, Extra Long, Internal, White. TENOB

NZD $27.39

The Tenob Bailer is designed to allow water through in one direction only, simply and safely draining a hull or deck of excess water. This model is the extended version.


TENOB product. Made in NZ with pride.
This self-bailer/scupper incorporates a Nitrile diaphragm non-return valve that is completely unaffected by fuel and oil. 
Requires a 41mm mounting hole. 
Available in white only. 
Flow rate: Up to 500 litres /hour. 
Comes complete with screw plug. ‘SPI’ extended version mounts internally and can have a 1-1/2″ hose clamped to it
(Search BA31 & BA36 for standard versions).
Ideal for inflatables and dinghies.