Bung, Plug & Base. TENOB

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An Iconic product that became a game changer in the NZ marine market and is now exported around the world! The Tenob Big Bung allows fast draining of decks and hulls, without the blockage problems that happen with smaller bungs.


The Iconic Tenob Big Bung! Manufactured here in New Zealand and exported to the world, this range is the first choice of boatbuilders everywhere. 
Available in both black and white in two sizes. 
Coarse thread for a fast action that is almost impossible to cross-thread. 
The BU31 & BU36 require a 41mm mounting hole. 
The BU301 & BU306 require a 32mm mounting hole. 
Please Note: This is a Tenob manufactured and/or assembled part with several components. For that reason, it is not unusual for the product to show as out of stock if the assembled version hasn’t yet been entered into stock. Please order as normal and call us if you need a live update on availability.