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Hydrive Hydraulic Steering has been manufactured for more than 50 years and available to the NZ market for more than two decades.
Hydrive is fitted in New Zealand by some of our finest boatbuilders. The range is extensive, with products suitable for boats from 5m to over 100m.
Below we have listed many of our popular kits. This is far from the complete range! If you have questions or special requirements, please contact us.
Each kit includes Hydrive Ultra Hydraulic Fluid and either Flexi hoses or nylon hose in a coil (as noted).
Please Note: The horsepower rating shown for each kit is the maximum for a two-stroke outboard, the exception being the kits designed specifically for sterndrives. Maximum horsepower for a four-stroke may be less (weight often dictates that). If in doubt or if you are close to the maximum, please contact us. Alternatively for more information and specifications on the helms and cylinders go to – 
Please Note: Steering kits are a Tenob manufactured and/or assembled part with several components. For that reason, it is not unusual for the product to show as out of stock if the assembled version hasn’t yet been entered into stock. In most cases you can check the stock level of the individual parts on this site. Please order as normal and call us if you need a live update on availability.