Trailer Wobble Rollers & Brackets. RUBBERMARK & EASTERNER

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Multi-roller trailer systems are now the most popular and widely seen.
We stock quality and affordable wobble rollers made by Easterner plus a great wobble roller and hanger brackets from Formula.
To complete our range is a galvanised U-bolt and clamp plate to mount the hangers.
1 – Easterner Wobble Rollers
Top quality and exceptionally well-priced, the Easterner wobble rollers are serrated, meaning less of the roller is touching the boat to reduce friction.
Available in three colours, red, blue and grey.
110 mm diameter and 74 mm wide.
The mounting hole is 25mm in diameter.
2 – Formula Wobble Roller
Popular with trailer manufacturers throughout New Zealand, the Formula roller from Rubbermark is top-quality and has a high load capacity.
Grey tread and black centre.
128 diameter x 35mm wide. 26mm centre hole.
3 – Formula Wobble Roller Brackets With Rollers
Fully galvanised, the Formula roller brackets are furnished with rollers and ready to instal.
Each is 300mm high and there are single, dual and quad options.
4 – Mounting Hardware
The RO127 galvanised U-bolt is 115mm long and includes M10 nuts. They will fit a maximum trailer frame size of 70mm wide and 76mm high. Two are required per clamp plate.
The RO128 clamp plate is fully galvanised and 120mm x 80mm.